Dry Cleaner Locator Born from Spilled Drink

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MIAMI — A spilled drink that threatened to ruin an important business meeting was the genesis of CleanTie, a new online service that assists users in finding and scheduling reliable dry cleaning and laundry pickup and delivery services.

Entrepreneurs Dariy Margaritov and Ryal Del Rosal started CleanTie after they found themselves scouring a hotel’s phone book in search of emergency dry cleaning in an unfamiliar city.

“We spent a lot of time searching, which caused great frustration,” Margaritov says. “Even once my clothes were off to the cleaners, I worried until they came back. How was I to know whether this establishment was a reputable cleaner? That is when we came up with the idea for CleanTie.”

Business or pleasure travelers can quickly and easily locate and schedule dry cleaning and laundry service. CleanTie offers ordering services for more than 150 dry cleaners across 20 states. Its soon-to-launch free app will be compatible with many mobile devices for greater access on the go.

Before scheduling service, customers can review client-based feedback on each dry cleaner. After they receive their laundry, they can leave feedback and assist other users in locating reputable services.

Dry cleaners and laundries can learn how to register their business with the online service by visiting


I'm confused about this business model

I saw the same service called Brinkmat in NYC?  I understand a customer using it once, but why would you use it a second time after you have already found a cleaner?  Is it really that hard to find a dry cleaner?  Sounds like a project from someone's college intro to iPhone Apps class.

great site

my business in South Fl is enrolled with them and I must say its quite nice to be setup with them. Easier for current customers to make appoint and helps me acquite new customers


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