Panda Dry Cleaners LLC Opens Its First Two Tide Franchise Stores

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PHOENIX — Panda Dry Cleaners LLC, in collaboration with Procter & Gamble (P&G), recently opened its first Tide Dry Cleaners stores in Henderson, a suburb of Las Vegas, and has now opened a second, this one in the Phoenix suburb of Ahwatukee.

The franchise locations are the first of five that Panda Dry Cleaners LLC plans to build this year. Chief executives of Panda Express fast-food restaurants established the company.

“We are very excited to have the opportunity to partner with Panda Dry Cleaners LLC to help us expand and further grow the Tide Dry Cleaners business,” says Jeff Wampler, CEO of Agile Pursuits Franchising, a wholly owned subsidiary of P&G. “Their expertise in real estate and development, coupled with our experience in consumer branding and understanding, will create a win-win opportunity for customers within the drycleaning industry.”

Tide Dry Cleaners customers can enjoy many unique features, including drive-through concierge services and access to 24-hour lockers and drop boxes, P&G says. Through its partnership with GreenEarth®, and utilization of other Tide® and Procter & Gamble fabric care cleaning solutions for wet and dry cleaning, Tide Dry Cleaners has the ability to clean a wide range of garments and textiles.


panda and tide

Here we go again VERY EXPENSIVE high priced franchise , havent they figured it out yet , they will never make it like all the rest that tried before them. The small operator can change and compete so much faster and will always be in a better position than the VERY EXPENSIVE FRANCHISE

Another ZOOTS?

These flash in the pan concepts do not seem grounded in historical drycleaning experience for the owners or customers alike. And like ZOOTS, they will create havoc in the industry, shake out a few small drycleaners to close shop, then will be out of business soon like ZOOTS did.

This concept is way too

This concept is way too expensive. One million liquidity to build property. $50,000 to use the Tide name. Yearly payments to use so called "green earth." Equipment that isn't cutting edge. Use of 50% coupons to bring in customers. This set up will only lose money.

You are wasting your $ on franchise.

I can teach anyone how to run there own drycleaner.   Most people  don't realize that you don't need to buy new equipment to start up a drycleaner.  I wouldn't recommend anyone to go into the dry cleaning industry.  There are too many EPA law and people are dry cleaning less these days.   I would tell people to buy a Dunkin donut franchise than a drycleaning franchise.

Clean God

P&G tried this franchise concept before with the Mr.Clean car washes. After 5 years there are only 9 stores across the U.S. P&G gets 7 1/2 net as part of the agreement with Mr.Clean. With Tide the amount is 15 percent. Do you think a franchiser is going to want to hand over all of that money? These news reports make it seem like Tide is growing by leaps and bounds. Other than these two stores owned by the Panda Express owner, the rest of the stores (six) are P&G corporate owned except for one store which is owned by a former P&G employee. This concept is flawed.


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