www.sdfequipment.com Buy/Sell Used and Refurbished Dry Cleaning Equipment

www.sdfequipment.com Buy/Sell Used and Refurbished Dry Cleaning Equipment

Stan Funkhouser, owner of SDF Equipment has 20 years of experience in the dry cleaning industry. Our company can help you with design, equipment sales, consultation and installation. We believe quality work and honesty equals happy customers.   We sell used and refurbished dry cleaning equipment.  We don't just clean up a used piece of equipment, paint it, say it's refurbished and sell it.  We refurbish the equipment using quality OEM parts and our on site paint booth.  Each piece of refurbished equipment is then inspected and tested.  We provide a warranty with each piece of refurbished equipment and can arrange for freight of the equipment to anywhere.   SDF Equipment can also customize a dry cleaning plant or store package for you and we buy newer model dry cleaning equipment.    We think our Customer Testimonials and Open Door Policy set us apart.  Please contact us to make an appointment to visit.    www.sdfequipment.com

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