Sussex Dry Cleaning & Shirt Laundry Equipment: New Store Build-Outs, Drop-Off Stores; Buy/Sell Used Equipment

Sussex Dry Cleaning & Shirt Laundry Equipment: New Store Build-Outs, Drop-Off Stores; Buy/Sell Used Equipment

Sussex Dry Cleaning and Laundry equipment has over 70 years of expirence 3 generations worth.  To help you with maintenance of preexisting equipment or upgrading your old worn out equipment. We can help you with all of your dry cleaning an shirt laundry equipment needs we offer the following options. We have a large warehouse stocked with used dry cleaning an shirt laundry equipment including boilers an return systems. We also do store apprasels if you are intrested in purchasing a new preexisting full running plant or a drop off  store so you no exactly what you are buying this will be given in a contract fourm. With description an condition of equipment  so you do not end up with a money pit having to replace equipment once you take over a store. Sussex equipment can also provide the following services we can help with plant design an architectural drawings for your sight location and provide all permits we can also provide plumbing an electric and rigging of new equipment an installation of all equipment to run your own dry cleaners. Own your own store out right we can help. Check us out on youtube type in the search bar for sussex equipment an see some of our work from store builds to store relocations an equipment upgrades. CONTACT US WE ARE AUTHORIZED DEALERS OF THE DRY CLEANING EQUIPMENT ON OUR WEBSITE  SUSSEXDRYCLEANINGEQUIPMENT.COM   Own your own bussness keep the profit you make call us 6 days a week 7am to 5pm eastern standared time. Also any store we build comes with a (1) year service contract on new store builds only for (labor only) so this means you get the manufactures warranty on parts an  (sussex equipment labor warranty for 1 year from start up date)  so you can have a piece of mind nowing the first year you will have backing from sussex equipment for all mechanical  part breakdowns for installation an removal only.  You will be responsable for shipping of any warranty parts to an from vendor this will be given to you in a contract fourm once final payment is made along with  certificate of ocupancy then this contract goes into effect. We also decommision old perc machines an remove also.


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