Dry Cleaner For Sale

Dry Cleaner For Sale

Dry Cleaner for sale.  Been over 30 years in the location.  Going through a divorce and looking to sale my business.  Great location (981 Tamarack Avenue, Carlsbad CA 92008). Call, Text, email; (760)529-1049 or banscleaners.carlsbad@gmail.com. Located East of the 5FWY/ Tamarack.  2 minute drive from the beach.  Dry Clean machine (Firbimatic) 3 years old- DF-2000, American Boiler 2 years old, Air Compressor 1 year old, and much more.  Do not want to sale but part of divorce settlement.  

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981 Tamarack Avenue
carlsbad, CA 92008
United States

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