Basic Dry Cleaner POS System for Three $330 Payments

Basic Dry Cleaner POS System for Three $330 Payments

With just 3 payments of $330* you can afford our Basic Dry Cleaning POS Package (has refurbished hardware) total price is $990.  SPECIAL: FREE Cash Drawer! ($150 value). Our Premium POS Package is $1990 and has all new hardware. We ship at your first payment.

We've made POS software systems for dry cleaners since 1991! Our Basic POS touchscreen computer system starts at $990 (just 3 payments of $330*)! We put our POS touchscreen software on refurbished business PC with Windows. We can do single stations, or networked 2 or 3 station systems.(*shipping not included)


  • COMPUTER: HP Business small desktop, internet-ready. Windows.
  • Dry Cleaner’s POS SOFTWARE: Wonder Touch Software, newest version (valued $500).
  • TOUCHSCREEN: Monitor: ELO 15" LCD, rugged for commercial use (unlike Dell).
  • INVOICE PRINTER: Epson Thermal Invoice Printer
  • Shipping $75. We ship to Canada for about $30 more.
  • WARRANTY: 1-year warranty for refurbished system!
  • FREE TECH SUPPORT: Free technical support for 1 year (then $95/year).
  • No monthly fees!
  • *models/specs/color may vary due to stock.

If you're in Chicagoland in-person delivery and setup is available.

ACCESSORY EQUIPMENT is available at additional cost but ships free when purchased with system:

->CASH DRAWERS: FREE with this special.  New, black metal, locking, printer-triggered. (Usual price is $150 Free shipping with system purchase.)

->TAG PRINTERS: Okidata & Epson dot matrix tag printers, refurbished $250+free ship when bought with system. New ones available too.

->BARCODE SCANNERS: Refurbed corded scanner $175. New corded scanner $295. Used cordless scanner $295. New cordless scanner $650. Barcode stickers for rack included.

About Us: Since 1991 Chicago-based Western DC Computers has supplied thousands of dry cleaners across the USA with reliable, high-quality POS computer systems at reasonable prices. We speak English & Korean. Western DC Computers. Chicago, IL.

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