Production Notes

Good Stain Removal Has Its Perks

Martin L. Young Jr. |

I’m thankful for specialty coffees and all the places that sell a vast...

Make Every ‘I Do’ a Can-Do

Martin L. Young Jr. |

The ad promotes outdoor weddings by a lake. It doesn’t mention anything...

Practice Your Regluing Technique

Tom Lucenta |

Using a syringe to reglue sewn cuffs and hems eliminates the need to...

Cleaning the Latest Fashions Safely

Everett Childers |

When one thinks of haute couture, one thinks of the emaciated models who...

Make Stains Vanish without a Trace

Martin L. Young Jr. |

Exceeding customer expectations is about taking the time to do things...

Give Thanks for Holiday Stains

Martin L. Young Jr. |

I’ve always said that if people could hit their mouths, I would go broke...

The Real-World Science of Spotting

Martin L. Young Jr. |

I’m amazed at the reaction of some “cleaners” when they first realize...

Give That Garment A Bath

Martin L. Young Jr. |

He was one of my best customers. Some call people like him “big tunas;”...

The Right Tools for The Job

Martin L. Young Jr. |

As I entered the parking lot, I was impressed. An outer parcel in a...

You Can Remove Tannin Stains

Martin L. Young Jr. |

She went through her incoming bundle with a purpose. Then she found it:...

Classify Stains to Ease Removal

Martin L. Young Jr. |

There it is, all right. It’s a stain. The garment would look better...

Running in Reverse

Martin L. Young Jr. |

I just happened to be at the counter when I saw the lady get out of her...

The Fine Art of Efficient Finishing

Everett Childers |

If we think of ourselves only as drycleaners, we limit our capabilities...

Never Let Them See Their Sweat

Norm Oehlke |

Ever hear this comment from a customer? "That underarm stain wasn't...

A Final Curtain Call

Norm Oehlke |

Some drycleaners refer to cleaning drapes, curtains, bedspreads and...

Handling The

Norm Oehlke |

How often have you refused to accept a garment that is extremely soiled...

Keep Napped Fabrics from Getting Nappy

Norm Oehlke |

‘My coat was soft and smooth when I left it for cleaning, and now it’s...

Getting The Most out of A Solvent System

Everett Childers |

There are certain rules that must be followed when cleaning clothes —...

Make A Template for Quality Finishing

Howard Scott |

Finishing in drycleaning is not given enough attention. Coming at the...

The Secrets of Basic Spotting

Everett Childers |

Disgusting-looking stuff that gets on people’s clothing falls into one...

Caring for Old Glory

Norm Oehlke |

Memorial Day and Flag Day are coming up, meaning that Old Glory will be...

Handling Shrinkage Complaints

Norm Oehlke |

One of the most complex problems for the drycleaner is handling a...

How to Toast a Tannin Stain

Norm Oehlke |

The term “tannin” covers a broad range of stains originating from fruit...

K.O. Oxidized Oil Stains with KOH

Norm Oehlke |

Most yellow or yellow/brown stains that reach the spotter originate from...

Using Amyl Acetate

Norm Oehlke |



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