The Numbers

The Numbers: Unemployment Rate Drops Slightly

Jean Teller |

CHICAGO — JUNE’S UNEMPLOYMENT RATE was down to 6.1%, according to the U.S...

The Numbers: Upswing in Jobs Numbers Boosts Economic Picture

Jean Teller |

APRIL 2014 SHOWED an unexpected upswing with 288,000 jobs added to the U.S...

The Numbers: Unemployment Rate Slightly Lower in February; Consumer Sales Up

Jean Teller |

CHICAGO — THE BUREAU OF LABOR STATISTICS reported that unemployment rates...

The Numbers: Economy Remains Steady Despite Static Levels of Consumer Confidence

Jean Teller |

CHICAGO — THE U.S. ECONOMIC SITUATION remains static from February,...

The Numbers: U.S. Exports Hit New High Amid Weakening Consumer Confidence

Jean Teller |

CHICAGO — U.S. EMPLOYMENT FIGURES showed gains in construction,...

The Numbers: Consumers Contribute to Strong Holiday Shopping Season

Jean Teller |

CHICAGO — WHILE THE UNEMPLOYMENT RATE dipped to 6.7%, only 74,000 new jobs...

The Numbers: Consumer Confidence Up Amid Lingering Budget Concerns

Jean Teller |

CHICAGO — THE NATION’S UNEMPLOYMENT RATE fell in November to the lowest...

The Numbers: Strong Holiday Sales Forecast Despite Consumer Confidence Dip

Jean Teller |

CHICAGO — BUREAU OF LABOR STATISTICS data released toward the end of...

The Numbers: Consumer Confidence at Highest Level in Six Years

Jean Teller |

CHICAGO — THE NATION’S ECONOMIC GROWTH continued at last check, according...

The Numbers: Slow Economic Growth Continues

Jean Teller |

CHICAGO — SEVERAL ECONOMIC FACTORS showed some gains in July, and the...

The Numbers: Consumer Confidence has ‘Upward Momentum’

Jean Teller |


The Numbers: Consumer Confidence Surges; Job Creation Maintains Steady Climb

Jean Teller |

CHICAGO — THE FEDERAL RESERVE’S Dallas District reported strong economic...

The Numbers: Home Prices Rise, Foreclosure Inventory Down

Jean Teller |

CHICAGO — MEDIAN HOME PRICES continue to rise, with the National...

The Numbers: Consumer Confidence Rises on Signs of Growing Employment

Jean Teller |

CHICAGO — CONSUMER CONFIDENCE continues to grow, according to the latest...

The Numbers: Prompted by Favorable Reports, Dow Jones Reaches 14,400 for First Time

Staff Writer |

CHICAGO — PROMPTED BY a lower unemployment rate and a favorable report...

The Numbers: Modest Economic Growth Reported While Unemployment Rate Holds Steady

Jean Teller |

CHICAGO — MANY EXPERTS, including the Board of Governors of the Federal...

The Numbers: Economy Adds Jobs in December but Unemployment Rate Unchanged

Jean Teller |

CHICAGO — DECEMBER SAW THE NATION’S ECONOMY adding another 160,000 jobs,...

The Numbers: Unemployment Rate Falls, but Fiscal Cliff Looms

Jean Teller |

CHICAGO — THE UNEMPLOYMENT RATE for November fell to 7.7%, according to...

The Numbers: Lower Unemployment Boosts Consumer Confidence

Jean Teller |

CHICAGO — STUNNING FORECASTERS, the unemployment rate dropped to 7.8% in...

The Numbers: Economic Activity Improves While Unemployment Rate Drops

Jean Teller |


The Numbers: Signs of Slight Economic Expansion, but Consumer Confidence Slips

Jean Teller |

CHICAGO — THE LATEST BEIGE BOOK REPORT, compiled by the Board of Governors...

The Numbers: Opinions Vary on Meaning of Recent Employment Figures

Jean Teller |

CHICAGO — WHILE A POSITIVE SPIN came from Secretary of Labor Hilda Solis...

The Numbers: Indicators Show Conflicting Views of U.S. Economic Health

Jean Teller |

SINCE THE JUNE MEETING OF the Federal Open Market Committee, a committee...

The Numbers: Unemployment Claims Fall; Economic Growth Expected to Continue

Jean Teller |

THE END OF APRIL BROUGHT a decrease to the number of unemployment...



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