Martinizing Expands Business Model, Rebrands 1-800-DryClean, Pressed4Time, Dry Cleaning Station


Current Pressed4Time and 1-800-DryClean franchisees will incorporate their name into the Martinizing Delivers designation, using a logo, as illustrated in this delivery van photo. (Photo: The Huntington Company LLC)

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BERKLEY, Mich. — There is a new and diversified business model for Martinizing International LLC, doing business as Martinizing Dry Cleaning, its franchisor, The Huntington Company LLC, reports. It includes the rebranding of 1-800-DryClean, Pressed4Time and Dry Cleaning Station. The announcement came during the company’s first International Convention in Detroit.

First, the new model includes residential and commercial pickup and delivery, locker-based service and on-demand service. Huntington says the new concept is being introduced to a large network of consultants and that two new franchisees are already set to join the organization.

Next, the affiliated route brands will be rebranded under the “Martinizing Delivers” name. Current 1-800-DryClean and Pressed4Time franchisees will incorporate their name into the Martinizing Delivers designation, using a logo. The concept is designed to capitalize on the widely known Martinizing brand while taking advantage of the core competencies that 1-800-DryClean and Pressed4Time have developed in their route service.

“The Martinizing brand is uniquely positioned to build on its industry-leading awareness, national presence and storied history that spans more than 60 years,” says Wayne Wudyka, CEO of The Huntington Company.

“Across our affiliated brands, we have solid core competencies that we can better leverage as a single brand,” he adds. “1-800-DryClean has been a leader in residential route service. Similarly, Pressed4Time has become known for servicing commercial locations. Now, we are able to add locker-based service in offices, apartment buildings, parking structures—literally anywhere people live or work—to enable customers to drop and pick up their cleaning on their schedule.”

Wudyka’s investment in the Chicago-based app development firm DRYV enables Martinizing to efficiently offer both locker-based service and on-demand service via a single integrated mobile app.

The conversion of established brands to the Martinizing name was an easy decision for Wudyka.

“In a national brand study, we found that 62% of drycleaning customers were familiar with the Martinizing name,” he says. “We also learned that half of all customers surveyed nationally would switch dry cleaners if there were pickup/delivery service, and 40% would switch if there were smartphone options for controlling their laundry and drycleaning service.”

Wudyka says the expanded brand presence “now touches more than 600 locations worldwide” and that Martinizing expects to “add many more locations.”


Huntington Co. Acquires Martinizing, Dry Cleaning Station — Nov. 19, 2014

Pressed4Time Added to Growing Franchise Network — Oct. 9, 2014


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